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Your Art, Your Style

Ceramics, rooted in ancient history, is such an attractive and mysterious form of art. Making them may seem difficult, but anyone can have the opportunity to connect with this traditional style of art and create their own masterpiece. 

Located in the heart of Singapore, we offer wheel throwing experiences and ceramic courses for anyone looking to craft your own piece. We're fully equipped with the facilities and any tool you might need -- just come as you are. 



Taoz Ceramics Studio opened in 2013 and has been creating art and training artists since then.


We wish to stimulate imagination and creativity in our studio by helping our students create unique art pieces. Our studio serves as an educational branch and supporting institution for all. We offer classes for students of all levels, in order to introduce newcomers to the art of ceramics and help experienced artists further their skills.

Assorted Bottles
Cleaning Ceramic
Ceramic Crockery
Wokring on a Pottery Wheel
Ceramic Collection
Pottery Workshop

A Home for Art

Taoz Ceramics Studio understands the importance of access to traditional

arts, especially for people who are keen to learn it. They need space to dream, create, inspire and to be inspired. This is why we provide our guests with not only the space, but also the appropriate training and tools for them to succeed.

All artistic expression is encouraged in this magical space where people come and create their art. Whether you'd like to spend some time finding calm amidst the chaos or discovering your talent, you can drop by one of our studios -- the world is your oyster.

People of all ages and levels are welcome, so join us today.


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